qiblah iconQibla is the Arabic word for the direction that should be faced during prayers.
It points to the Kaaba in Mecca and gives a common direction to Muslims all around the globe.
You no longer need an astrolabe or another costly device. Your iPhone can help you.
Download Qiblah

Depending on your iPhone model, there are 2 options :

Double Tap on the compass to change its look.
New in version 2.0 : salaat times.
The control panel for salaat is in iPhone "Settings". You have 10 presets (ISNA, MWL, …) for calculation method and 2 choices for Asr.
No network access is required, all calculations are done on the device. Great for traveling.
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Snapshots  iPad: (25% zoom, clic for full screen)
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Version: 2.22
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