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Pack IFX #1

Till now the target for these modules must have Near True Color display or better (from 15b 32000 colors to 32b 16.7M colors) i.e F030 or Atari with non-atari Graphic card (including PC and Mac under Magic Pc or Magic Mac).
Snapshots ...

  1. RIM Generation plasma.
    Renders heightfields, skys or plasma patterns. You can alter evenness, granularity and even make them tileable for creating background patterns.

  2. IFX Convolution 3*3.
    All classical linear effects: Sharpness, Fuzy, Emboss, Sobel, Skeletonisations, Laplaciens, Gradient, Shift Diff, Line, Kirsh, Gabor.

  3. IFX Effets non linéaires.
    No linear effects: Minimum 3*3, Median 3*3, Maximum 3*3, Brighten, Darken, Gamma correction, Supress Red | Green | Blue, Thresold, Solarize, Lunarize, Auto-contrast, Lower contrast, Add noise, Add white noise.

  4. IFX Deforme.
    Distords as spirals, casts on concentrical waves, or "pinches" a picture. All interesting parameters are available: by example you can choose the number of waves, their height, their phase, the anti-aliasing method ...

  5. IFX Planetoid designer.
    This plugin allows you to map a pattern on a sphere. In association with the Plasma generator you can create your imaginary planet whereas with provided pictures you can render the wished view of Earth, Moon or Mars.
    In fact it is a scaled-down raytracer so you can:

  6. How much ?
    This shareware pack costs 15 EUR.



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