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Among the plug-ins (freely provided by PARX in the PARX.SYS folder with D2M, Piccolo, DFORM, or by others (Fréderic Bayle with "Diapo" or "Digital Lab", Xavier Roche with "Swiftel Photo", Christophe Boyanique with "Binaris Viewer 4 (BV4)" ...)) about fifteen are personnal productions.

The making of these plug-ins was a very time-consuming job and I finally decided to release their update only via a shareware procedure. You can keep using the old free versions but graphics-freaks can obtain access to my latest productions which are more complete oreven new (RIM JPEG_68K or WIM JPEG by example ...).

Complete listing on 98/04/13...

Shareware fee is 7 EUR.

Some plug-ins are available as demo version:

Files:  PARX.SYS (384Ko, 98/05/18), matrdemo.zip (28 Ko, 97/02/03),  rim_jpeg.zip (25 Ko, 97/02/03).

 TRM 2.18 :

Dithering plug-in for all M&E software. It's faster, richer than the last one released by PARX (v2.52) but it doesn't work with some graphic cards.

File:  parx.trm (15 Ko).

 Pack Fractales/Rosaces :

Pack of four plug-ins to create fractal patterns or rosaces.More informations...

File:  packfrac.zip (47 Ko).

 RIM Golden Image :

Shareware plug-in for an ATARI with 68000 and cartridge port (ST, STE, Mega ST, Mega STE). It allows scanning with this device under all M&E compatible software. All options are available: Moreover, you can scan pictures in 4 or 16 colors and are no more limited to the plain vanilla Black & White mode.
Shareware fee 15 EUR.

 Pack IFX #1 :

5 plugins for picture enhancing or special effects. More informations...

File:  matrdemo.zip (28 Ko).


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