EasySat iconNeed some help for pointing your satellite dish successfully ?

EasySat gets your location and provides you the data for receiving the satellite from your sky neighborhood.

Download EasySat

Navigate among the visible satellites with the picker or by scrolling onscreen the virtual Clarke's bell and double-tapping a satellite.

You'll get true direction (azimuth), elevation and TNB skew for direction.

GPS, Wifi or cellular network provides automatic location.
No data connection is required, the position database with more than 160 satellites, fresh from July 2016, is integrated.

Missing a satellite ? Drop a mail :-)

The complete satellite listing is below : AMC, Anik, Brasilsat, DirecTV, EchoStar, Galaxy, SatMex, ...

Devices with built-in compass display red or green arrows to turn to the right azimuth.
Otherwise you must use a compass and EasySat will provide Magnetic Azimuth so you don't need to care about magnetic declination for your location.

Snapshots  iPhone:
easysat-en1 easysat-en2

Snapshots  iPad: (25% zoom, clic for full screen)
easysat-ipad-en1 easysat-ipad-en2

Keywords : DirecTV, Dish Network, CanalSat, satellite, geostationary orbit, Ku band, C band, dish pointer, TV
Version: 1.93
Updates :


Satellites for Europe, Africa & Middle East (72E - 2E)

Satellites for Atlantic Ocean (0.8W - 61W)

Satellites for North & South America (61.5W - 139W)

Satellites for Asia & South Pacific (177W - 74E)


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