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This web page presents Atari software I've made or for which I gave a little help. EDC ("EDC's Disk Compressor", real-time data cruncher (aka Stacker for Atari)) and Dform (morphing software) both sold by Parx (RIP) are missing.

Digital Lab:

Authors: Fréderic Bayle, Eric Da Cunha.
Digital Lab is a 32 bits image touch up software for the whole ATARI range and compatibles. Its unique and 100% GEM interface allows an easy access to all its functions (pencil, brush, eraser, finger, blur, stamp, airbrush, fill, eye dropper, magic wand ...). Snapshot
It is amazingly fast on HADES and comfortable on a Falcon. It uses M&E plugins so it can access hundreds of modules for loading, saving, special effects and numerous periphericals.
More informations... (in french)

File:  digilab.zip (French version, 528Ko v1.20 dated 09/99).

M&E Modules:

Author: Eric Da Cunha.
New modules for your M&E programs are available.
More informations...

Pack Fractales/Rosaces:

Author: Eric Da Cunha.
How can you draw beautiful fractals with your M&E software ?
How can you print rosaces as big as you wish ?
More informations...

Demo version:  packfrac.zip (47 Ko).

RIM Golden Image:

Author: Eric Da Cunha.
Shareware plug-in for an ATARI with 68000 and cartridge port.
More informations...

Pack IFX #1:

Author: Eric Da Cunha.
5 plugins for picture enhancing or special effects. More informations...

MATRICE.IFX alias "Convolution 3x3" is part of it. Here is version 1.23 preview of the v1.50 from this pack:
File:  matrdemo.zip (28 Ko).

Diapo 1.15:

Authors: Fréderic Bayle & Eric Da Cunha.
Diapo is a shareware picture browser, which displays pictures in a window as thumbnails. It's M&E compatible.More informations...

Demo version:  diapoDK1.zip (144 Ko, 06/2001)

WenSuite 2.40a:

Authors: Pascal Barlier, Eric Da Cunha.
WenSuite is a HTML browser, it permits the consultation of the WWW internetservers. It is compatible with the quasi-totality of the HTML 3.2 specifications, and also with the Netscape(tm) extensions. Last versions handleE-MAILs and NEWS.
It runs on all ATARI compatibles machines, in 2, 16, 256 and TRUE COLOR video modes, with at least 1 Mb of RAM.

History (12/12/97) | More informations...

The latest online demo versions include:

There are two restrictions: no pictures when online, and posting is disabled.

Demo version available on http://oxo.systems.free.fr/ in french or english.

Swiftel Photo 3.66:

Author: Xavier Roche.
Swiftel photo is a Minitel emulator for all Atari(ST, STE, TT, FALCON, ..).
It deals with vidéotex (versions 1, 2, DRCS, minitel photo).More informations...

Demo version available on http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Vista/6443/up_swft.html.


Da Cunha Eric - eric.dacunha @ free.fr