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Tutorial #7 comes back ! (2004/11/25)

Hidden on successive hard disks, this tutorial valued its privacy. Until today. Link section has been partially updated and Piccolo added for download.

Say hello to Euro € ! (2002/4/25)

All prices are now compliant with our new currency : EUR rather than  € for compatibility with all net browsers. There is now a summary of all my sharewares and a quick description of Digital Lab functionnalities (in french but with some pictures ;-) ) .

New area "Coding" (2001/7/29)

Some new pages are available. Kind of excuse for removing some dust on the whole site. And it's now official Diapo, the picture browser, is available in its release 1.15.

Diapo 1.15 demo is online (2001/06/05)

Unexpected ! Diapo, the picture browser, is available in a new release with more functions and less bugs. Some of those functions are not included in the demo version. In order to publish it tonite, I did not wait the new documentations so this will be another surprise ;-)

2 new tutorials (2000/09/04)

The 5th tutorial and the 6th tutorial for DL from Testostèrone 7 and 9 are available since the issue of number 10. Good practise !

Waiting for Diapo (2000/03/15)

Unlike in our projections Diapo is still in validation process ... Meanwhile you can enjoy Julien Chauveau's new PICT modules (PICT.RIM et PICT.WIM) and the 4th tutorial for DL.

Digital Lab tutorial available !

Posts of Digital Lab 1.20 (complete and updates) are going their way since 99/9/9.
This is the second serious update of this website hosted by free.fr and besides the tutorials (in french), you will notice the fix for some broken links (PARX_SYS.ZIP and RIM_JPEG.ZIP by example).


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